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Washington Square


Morning January 23rd, 2005. Blizzard / No one out at All - I bundled up at my apartment on MacDougal St. and walked almost one block north to Washington Square Park. The snow was falling in chunks and just took a very few exposers with Hasselblad w/ 100mm (inside my coat).


World Trade


Once upon a time...... There was this park plaza down town. The SPHERE by Fritz at Liberty Park, NYC. - 35mm Contax.


West Capital Hill

Waited a month for this moon to come round. Set up tri-pod etc and three different Capital Hill Police came by at different times and checked on what I was doing there. I was able to get four time exposures. The third police officer ousted me.
This shot, ought to be called, "Hay, you! You got a permit to take those photos of the Capitol?"

Hasselblad, w/ 100mm lens. 18 sec. @ ƒ22. /30 second exposure


Northern New York


Northern New York near the Canadian boarder. 35mm, Canon F1.


New York rain - South from the Gramercy Park Hotel


A room I always loved, when I came from Tokyo to NYC at the Gramercy Park Hotel, looking South overlooking Gramercy Park and down Irving Place. 'Heavy Rain 4 PM'.
35mm, Contax.



info I have found;.
In 1983, for the 50th anniversary of the film, an inflatable King Kong was placed on the Empire State Building. However, a mouse chewed through it over night, partially deflating the ape. He also needed a constant supply of air, and was never fully inflated.


From 8th Ave... What the ...?

My View;..... In the early 1980's while leaving a shoot, I was crossing between 7th & 8th Ave. on 34th. St.. Facing East. Looking up - there was King Kong atop the Empire State Building. I had my Hassel and 150mm with me. Well you don’t see that everyday.