booking session

From Published Book Introductions:

Definitely some of the best portraits I've seen in some time. At the end of the day. .. This book promises to be an entertaining feast for your senses.... SLASH

What struck me though was that the photos make all of them, even the people I've never met, seem like old friends. I can't really explain it, but Curtis captured something personal, simple, and familiar with every shot he took..... it's clearly evident in the eyes of his many portraits, mine included, that we trusted, respected, and in some cases were very entertained by our photographer.....

It is almost an effortless style he has, which puts you at ease right away. Yet he is methodical and exacting. Always with a clear vision of his finished print..... TIMOTHY LEARY

While his visual structures are consistently elegant, posed, and classically balanced, Knapp here works against the tradition of the nude in several ways. Almost invariably, he joins the faces of his subjects with their bodies, identifying and individuating them..... And he registers their presence on infrared film, which records not the light that bounces off the surfaces of these women but the warmth that radiates from within them. What he gives us hereby is, literally and metaphorically, heat made visible: the essence below the appearance, the ego behind the mask, the energy beneath the skin..... A.D. COLEMAN

His quality of creating this {ma} - what we sense in Japan as something like between-ness, is expressed through his works and is obvious in this group of portrayal photographs..... SHOJI UEDA