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Curtis Knapp has spent over a quarter of a century focused on his main passion, the Portrait. After twenty years in Japan, he is now home in the States. It is clear when viewing a portrait of his, that he is able to capture some small essence of the 'real' of that person. He started photographing portraits around 1980. His studio portraiture ranges across the board, from Prime Ministers, City Mayors, Movie Directors, Designers, Opera singers, Musicians, the Avant-garde, Artists, Writers and Death Row Inmates. His Folio also includes many advertising campaigns, magazine covers and editorial, books and fine art images.

Inspirations? Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Alvin Langdon Coburn, The Photo-Secessionists and Irving Penn. "Irving Penn" says Knapp, "He is the photographer I look up to, and my first meeting with Mr. Penn was in 1984, just before I moved to Japan, was one of those moments of my life I shall never forget. We discussed my ideas and, with a few very subtle comments and observations he helped me to focus more clearly my vision of portraiture photography. And he added, "Japan, what an interesting and wonderful chance. I'd go if it was ten or fifteen years earlier." ........ note: seven years later I was assigned Apple campaign for two years, based on the images in his portfolio Penn had like years before.


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